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High Quality Icelandic Eiderdown


King Eider manufactures only high-quality products that has been carefully examined and handled by people with extensive experience and knowledge of eiderdown.


At King Eider we have developed new methods for the processing of the down so as to ensure that it retains all the unique characteristics it has prior to handling.  We only process first class raw materials and we only use environmentally-friendly methods.


The Eider

The Eider (Somateria mollissima) is a species living in northern latitudes where it has adjusted to the cold and the fluctuating climate.   During the nesting season, the down comes off the female’s chest and the bird arranges it in the nest.  The shedding of the down serves a double purpose: The warmth from the bird’s chests can better reach the eggs while the female is brooding, and the down protects the eggs from the cold.


The Eiderdown

From the time of the fist settlement of Iceland in the 9th century eiderdown has been utilized in Iceland. Eiderdown is unique due to its high insulation value, being one of nature’s best insulation materials. The unique structure of the down causes very high cohesion and resilience, making it different from, and superior to, other types.


The Interplay Of Man And Nature

The Eider returns to the same nesting places year after year.  Every year, eider farmers put great efforts into making the nesting area as peaceful as possible and attractive for the birds. The farmers put great efforts into making the nesting area as peaceful as possible and attractive for the birds.  The farmers protect the nesting areas against birds of prey and predatory animals.   They use all kinds of devices, including pennants and bells, to attract the birds to the nesting areas.  After hatching, the female abandons the nest with her nestlings, leaving the down behind for the farmer.  The Eider and the farmers live together in perfect harmony and co-operation; the farmers protect the birds’ nesting areas and are rewarded with the bird’s down.  This type of cohabitation of man and wild birds in the natural environment is quite unique.


King Eider is a member of Federation of Eiderdown exporters

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